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Three Poems | Scott Thomas Outlar

If Ever There Were an Idol
by Scott Thomas Outlar

Morphine drips
as a deep breath from God
to numb away your suffering
though sorrow remains

Tip of the tongue
spread from the lungs
laced through the blood
heavy on the liver
where black cells

Deep in the mind
memories arise
of unconditional love
and forever

Everything good
I’ve learned in this life
came by observing your actions
from the very beginning

Modeling my steps
on those you took
though mine still fall short
at times

Key words
like honor
and karma
were branded
upon my consciousness
from the lessons taught
by your wise
and gentle nature

Seeking the same
in Taoist texts
Biblical scriptures
and spiritual mantras
brings a bright light
but it still pales
in comparison
to the one that shined
from your pure spirit

My Father
who art now in heaven
hallowed by thy name
in my heart
here on earth

Behind the Nighttime Shades
by Scott Thomas Outlar

Honeycomb turquoise jamboree
swirling around a prism heart

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